A lot of people are put off by the mere mention of Factkin, or Factualkin, so as a serious Factkin, we thought we'd make a carrd explaining some things.

Factkin, or Factualkin, is having a kintype that is factual-based. For example, someone who identifies in a non-physical way as another person (or an internet/etc personality). While it's technically not a Kintype, in the way that it's a human being and not a fictional species, it also DOES fit under Kintype as it goes hand in hand with Fictionkin.

In a way, either name is a bit misleading on what Factkin actually is. In simple terms, it's like a factual base that had cracks filled in with fiction- you aren't in another person's head, but you do have who they portray into the world (and for celebrities, fan things that have been put out to the world, like RPF, headcanons, etc).

Factkin will never be Fictionkin, but it's also not entirely Factual.

Kintypes aren't wholly voluntary either, and it could be unhealthy to completely shut out a part of your identity you can't control.

@ama-factkin on tumblr- a factkin who allows questions from anyone who seriously wants to know.

Wasn't Factkin created by trolls?
The short answer is yes. The long answer is kind of? The actual identity of being Factkin wasn't "created" by anyone, but the name WAS coined by trolls. That being said, we've coined a Non-Troll version of the name, Factualkin, that people can use if they would like. While yes, the name came from trolls, it shouldn't be used against true factualkin.

But aren't all Factkin trolls?
No! It just so happens that trolls are louder than actual Factkin, and whenever anyone is Factkin, they're called trolls.

Are Factkin past lives, dissociative fugue, or delusions?
If you've seen the Otherkin wiki, it made a wild claim that factkin was identical to these three things.
Some Factkin are past lives, just like some Kin in GENERAL are past lives. Some Factkin are delusions, just like some Kin in GENERAL could be delusions (or Endels, if they'd prefer!) And some factkin could be dissociative fugue, but it's not all there is.
Factkin are just as diverse as any other kintype.

Isn't it identity theft?
Identity theft is an actual traumatizing crime that can happen to people. Just like being kin with a fictional character isn't stealing that character or something, being factkin isn't something as awful as identity theft.

Do you think you're the real (insert factual kintype)?
The "real" isn't something that makes sense. With so many people who are kin with the same things, introjects in systems, etc- there is no "Only one is REAL".
No, someone who is actually factkin doesn't think of themselves as the Prime Version, but that doesn't make their identity any less real, just like with introjects.

Does anti-factkin rhetoric harm factives?
Yes. Anti-Factkin rhetoric has harmed Factives, and will continue to harm Factives. The outcry to make sure they both are very, very separated was caused by anti-factkin rhetoric affecting Factives, even.